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What is Master Tonic?

What is Master Tonic?Master Tonic (also known as FIRE CIDER) is an organic apple cider vinegar based health and wellness remedy used for thousands of years for its holistic healing qualities.

What are the benefits of Master Tonic?
It's a very simple and quick way to boost your immune and digestive systems, aid in detoxification, help alkalize the body, and keep you feeling your 100% best! 

How do we make it?
We chop up organic onion, garlic, ginger, horseradish root, turmeric, lemons, and herbs, add raw apple cider vinegar with "the mother" to the batch, and let it all steep together for weeks. After that, we strain and press the batch for every last drop of goodness. The result is liquid gold: a very potent, tangy, spicy liquid designed to restore, stimulate, and invigorate your body.
What are the benefits of master tonic fire cider
Why should I take Master Tonic?
How many people have told you that their great grandmother swore by the benefits of daily apple cider vinegar? Well, your great grandmother was right! She was doing what people have sworn by for thousands of years before her. Master Tonic is a traditional remedy with similar roots dating back to Hippocrates in 400BC. He used a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey called an Oxymel for its amazing natural detox, cleansing, healing, and energizing qualities. Master Tonic boosts this ancient recipe adding a few more super foods, herbs, and spices. This is a very concentrated tonic. The dosage is only a one tablespoon taken one to three times daily. Super easy and quick!
How do i take master tonic fire ciderHow do I take Master Tonic?
-Take 1-3 Tablespoons daily as a straight wellness booster
-Mix into your favorite tea
-Use in salad dressings and condiments
-Mix with water, sprakling water, or your favorite drink
-Stir into a cocktail (bloody mary, margarita, hot toddy....)
-Use in marinades and sauces
-Add to soups

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Our Mission
Our mission is to bring traditional remedies into the modern world. Put simply, want to help people feel good, naturally!