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How often should I take Master Tonic?
For general well-being, one tablespoon "shot" per day is perfect. If you need some extra love, take up to three tablespoons over the course of the day.

Is there a better time of the day to take my shot?
Everyone is different! Some love to take a shot first thing in the morning to alkalize the body and give it a good boost. Some like it after lunch right when they start to feel a little slump in the day. Some like it right before bed to help aid the digestive system. It's really up to you. Experiment and see what time of day you like it—you can't go wrong!

Is Master Tonic the same as another "fiery" health tonic brands I see on the market?
Yes. During Michaela's herbal studies, she started making a fiery tonic which is also known as Master Tonic back in 2007. Master Tonic and some other "fiery" names you may see on the market are just different names for this traditional remedy that people have been making for decades. A few years ago, the traditional name was trademarked by a company and could no longer be used by the many herbalists that had been using it forever. So, we used the name Master Tonic! If you are interested in learning more about this, click here... http://freefirecider.com/

How would you decribe the taste of Master Tonic?
It is very potent, spicy, and tangyand a little bit sweet if you have the honey lemon. Did you like your first sip of straight coffee, kombucha, or wheat grass? Maybe not. But something kept bringing you back and now you probably love the taste of your favorite drink—or just tolerate it because you know it makes you feel so good! This is a tonic that you only use one tablespoon "shot" at a time. Once you become a seasoned Master Tonic drinker, you won't know how to deal without that potent, flavorful shot every day of the year!

What is the difference between your 3 flavors?
We start off all three flavors with the original: onion, garlic, horseradish, ginger, turmeric, habanero pepper, and apple cider vinegar. We use combinations of honey, lemon, oregano, and thyme in our flavored versions. They are all delicious with similar benefits. Cycle through all three flavors and find the one you like the most!

Are you USDA organic certified?
Not yet but we are working on it and will be soon! Rest assured, we only use ALL USDA certified organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Can I take it while pregnant?
Please consult your doctor before using.

Is Master Tonic raw?

Does it have "the mother" in it?

What are some other ways I can use my Master Tonic?
Use it in a salad dressing. Put it in a marinade. Add it to cocktail to spice things up (hint: bloody marys and spicy margaritas!). Use it to make homemade pickles. Use it anywhere you need vinegar with a spicy kickget creative!

Where can I buy it?
It is available online and at stores throughout New England and beyond with many more stores being added daily!

How can I sell Master Tonic at my store?
Contact michaela@yerbary.com and let us know you want our products!

What does The Yerbary mean?
Yerba in spanish means herb. Our founder, Michaela, spent a large amount of her adult life studying traditional remedies all throughout South America. She knew when she started this company she wanted to incorporate her South American roots where her love of traditional remedies grew strong!

Does the Yerbary have anything to do with "Yerba Mate"?
No. Directly translated from Spanish, "yerba" simply means "herb." "Yerba Mate" is just a specific type of herb used in a tea. Just like in English, herbs have many different names in Spanish.