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About Us

Michaela Grubbs It all started with a little mason jar. In 2007, Michaela roped her husband into helping her with another one of her new herbal concoctions in the kitchen. They spent the evening scrubbing and chopping vegetables, loaded them into a little mason jar, and topped it off with some apple cider vinegar. Weeks later they opened it up, strained it out, and poured the liquid back into the jar. They took their first "shot" of Master Tonic and knew this was something special. Friends started coming by to fill up their own jars and pretty soon Michaela's pantry turned into a Master Tonic dispensary. The sweet little mason jar no longer cut it and the batches started getting bigger. In 2017, Michaela took her decade of Master Tonic making to another level and started producing it out of a food-processing facility. Her Master Tonic is still made the same way as always—in small batches (just not a little mason jar!) with the best, 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients and a whole lot of love!

Michaela is a life-long natural-health crusaider. She was a collegiate division one athlete, a yoga instructor for 20 years, travelled extensively throughout South America studying medicinal herbs and traditional medicine, was a student of Rosemary Gladstars Sage Mountain Herb Institute, and is a mother of two. 


Michaela in 2011 ramping up her production to the next size mason jar