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Ways To Take Master Tonic

Everyone has their favorite way of taking Master Tonic. Rest assured, there is no wrong way to take it! 

Here are the three most popular ways to get your daily Master Tonic shot...

How to take Master Tonic shot glass1. Take a shot. 
Some like a quick, straight-up fiery shot. 1 shot = 1 Tablespoon. That's all you need to take per day to get the full benefits of Master Tonic. You can put it in our fun shot glass or measure it out in a good old Tablespoon. Shoot it back, gargle if you want to and swallow, and you are done!

Master Tonic mixed into a tea and drink recpie2. Mix it into a drink.
Some prefer to dilute it in a drink like in a warming hot immunity tea recipe, or a refreshing, cold switchel to sip on. Add a delicious dimension to your cocktails like this spicy margarita or bloody mary

How to use Master Tonic in salad dressing recipe3. Put it into a recipe
Some like to add the spicy kick to their cooking recpies like dressings, marinades, pickles, slaws, and soups.



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  • I take a shot gargle and swallow 1st thing every morning , it helps get the blood flowing, great start to my day !


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