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Master Tonic Switchel

Master Tonic Switchel

Forget Gatorade this summer.... make Switchel (natures sports drink)!

Our Master Switchel recipe is the Yerbary's take on this delicious traditional recipe that Vermont farmers have been using for generations. On long hot days haying in the sun, farmers would drink this original electrolyte drink, rich in glucose, potassium, sodium, and vitamins to keep their energy up.

Its a cold, refreshing, revitalizing drink that you and your whole family will LOVE this summer!! 

P.S... Our founder, Michaela, gives this to her kids anytime they are sick with a cold, fever or stomach bug. This is also what her kids drink on the sports fields.

P.S.S... She also adds some rum for a delicious summer adult beverage! Recipe will be added soon. 

•1 cup water
•1 T Original Master Tonic (if this is too spicy, you can do 1/2T Master Tonic and  1/2T apple cider vinegar)
•1 T Maple syrup
•1 T Fresh lemon juice

Mix all ingredients in a mason jar, add ice and enjoy!


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  • I drink this every day, all day! I love it! So refreshing & so easy to make!


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