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Is Master Tonic the same thing as Fire Cider?

Master Tonic Fire CiderYES it is!
This is maybe one of the most frequently asked question we get!
Here's the story: Fire cider has been made and sold for over 30 years and has been considered a cultural, historical and generic term. It is the intellectual property of herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar. Rosemary had started making this formula back in the late 1970's which she taught and shared freely with her students and community and copyrighted in 1991. In 2012, a private company trademarked the name Fire Cider without notice to the thousands of small herbalists using the name for over 30 years. Once people had found out, it caused an uproar and within days thousands of people signed a petition asking the company to remove the trademark. They said they would not remove it. Fast forward to just a few days ago in October of 2019 after years of petitioning, legal battles with many months in court, the name Fire Cider is now FREE and a generic term for all to use! To read more in detail go to: 


When I launched the Yerbary, I went with another traditional name that many have been using, but not as well known, called Master Tonic. Now we are faced with decision to keep the name Master Tonic or to switch to Fire Cider which is much more of a known term. Let us know your thoughts!

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  • We only use Master Tonic in our house and prefer to stick with it. After all, it’s MT for short! (FC does have the same ring, right?)


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