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Vermont's fire cider: organic raw apple cider vinegar based health tonic

Traditional remedies for the modern world

One shot a day keeps the doctor away


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Master Tonic Rainbow Slaw

Master Tonic Rainbow Slaw

This is one of our favortie "go-to's" for the summer! Put this on top of all of your tacos, wraps, salads, sandwiches, you get the point....! Cole...
Master Tonic Margarita

Master Tonic Margarita

Alright, Ill get right to the point. We LOVE margartias. There is nothing more delicious, refreshing and rewarding than sitting down with one of t...
Master Tonic Pickled Red Onions

Master Tonic Pickled Red Onions

If you dont use pickled red onions as a condiment, I'm here to tell you... NOW is the time to start! They are so perfect and delicious on sandwich...


Started feeling better from a cold almost immediately ... allergies subsided, energy increased, and my appetite was curbed. Highly recommend!!


The best craziest shot you'll ever take that doesn't involve whiskey!


Master Tonic has quite simply, changed my family's life. A daily dose helps with food cravings, improved gut health, decrese desire for sweets, lower blood sugar, aid in digestion, lower triglycerides, improving heart function. I take sips or I love a little dissolved into a warm glass of honey water before bed or first thing in the morning. 


This tonic has saved this high school teacher from certain death. A few years back I got pretty sick and vowed to take special care not to succumb to all the germs around me. I KNOW this has helped!


Master Tonic has been instrumental in my runs in terms of achy muscles and joints and general inflammation.


YEEEEE-OOOWWW!! I LOVE Yerbary Master Tonic. Received my first bottle as a gift from my daughter and am now a life long convert.


I love the way it invigorates and gives me an extra boost. So good for gut health and detoxification too.


Started feeling better from a cold almost immediately. You better believe I'm taking this daily for the rest of the season!


I swear by this stuff! I'm a teacher, so just by proximity to kids I could be legit sick all the time....but this kept me well last year!!! It's AMAZING.